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The Forgiveness Dialogue Workshop

Get ready to change your life! The Forgiveness Dialogue Workshop in
Toronto will guide you to discover what is holding you back from letting go of past or present hurts, resentments, and unhappiness. It will free you to create the love, happiness, and abundance you desire.

If you feel that forgiveness appears impossible, you have good reason to feel the way you do. On a deeper level, you will feel that your dignity has been stolen. You likely have been dishonored, rendered powerless, or deceived, with nonforgiveness appearing the only way to regain your lost dignity.

What memories still trouble you, and cause you to think about this person long after they are no longer in your life, or still in your life, but not respectful of you? Is this person your partner, your mom, your dad, your sibling, your child, your friend, your ex-partner, your boss, your coworker, a teacher, a coach, a trusted person, a bully. Is your nonforgiveness about feeling betrayed, taken advantage of, bullied, used, deceived, rejected, abandoned, unloved, or harmed?

The Forgiveness Dialogue Workshop in Toronto will empower you to create dramatic shifts in your life. It will provide you with a hands-on process - The Forgiveness Dialogue - you can use on a daily basis to deepen your self-awareness, and heal any resentments and anger you feel toward the significant people in your life who have hurt you.

The way it works is this… Beyond your conscious awareness, you are holding beliefs about yourself and the people who have hurt you which are keeping you stuck. By becoming aware of what these beliefs are, and opening yourself to discover truths which you weren’t aware of at the time the unhappy events occurred, you will free yourself to forgive, and create an abundant happy life.

 In The Forgiveness Dialogue Workshop in Toronto, you will learn,

* Why forgiveness is so challenging.

* Why holding onto non-forgiveness harms you

* The exact beliefs you are holding which are keeping you stuck

* The essential truths which will set you free

* How you honor yourself by forgiving

* How to build your own self-love

The Forgiveness Dialogue Workshop is practical. By the end of the workshop, you will completed a guided process for healing your forgiveness issues. As well, you will learn how to bring your new awareness deep into your heart for long-term change.

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